Tips for Choosing a Cab Service

There are certain tips you need to consider before hiring a taxi or cab for a trip. Being aware of some tips will really ensure that your ride with the cab is convenient and safe.
The very first factor to check out here is whether the transport company is licensed by the government. This is for your safety. This is very important because only transport companies who meet up with legal operating conditions and guidelines can be issued license. Therefore, it is advised that you should not hire a cab that has not obtained license.
The next tip to note is whether the cab service provider is reliable because if it’s not so, you may spend extra money. There are cases where taxi drivers take longer directions just to charge more money. Getting a trustworthy and reliable service will save you from this misleading act. Transport companies like Uber do give out credits and discounts like the uber promo code. This is just a way of encouraging customers.
In addition, it is most important you get a reliable taxi that can ensure your safety especially if you are travelling alone in an unfamiliar area. Before you register for the cab service, make sure you confirm from the customer service unit if they’ve carried out a serious investigation about their drivers before being selected.


Apart from being reliable and having the required license, you are to personally check if the transport service company enjoys good reputation amongst other customers or passengers. License is not enough evidence that a taxi is safe and convenient. You can check for information about what other people are saying about them on their website. This is just for your safety. Furthermore, try to inquire

if the taxi car they will be using with you is mechanically sound. You can have a sure sense of safety and relaxation if the vehicle you are using has no mechanical fault.
Don’t also forget to ask if your driver has the required training, skills and experience. This is so important because any driver who has not been properly trained


  • who hardly attends refresher trainings regularly will certainly lack expert skills in driving. This can in turn, put passengers in presumed danger.
    Applying safety tips before you board a taxi is the best thing you can do for yourself because there has been many unpleasant report about cases of rape, theft and even kidnapping on innocent passengers who used the services of popular transport companies.  

Taxi Etiquette - The Do's and Don'ts Guide

Everything in life has rules and regulations. The concept of do's and don'ts also applies in every activity of man and this has to do with moral conduct and behavior. Boarding a taxi is no exception to this rule. This article provides tips on etiquette that a passenger should observe when boarding a taxi for a trip. The first is, when sharing a taxi with a close pal and you are going to same area, the first person to drop is expected to provide at least half of the transport cost.

The other passenger in the taxi has a duty to collect the money from the first passenger in order to complete the transport cost before paying the driver. Most times if the second passenger attempts to reject the money probably on the ground of being generous, it is assumed that the passenger who dropped first owe the duty of paying back the gesture in the nearest future. Since you both decided to share the same cab, then there should be an equal sharing in paying the cost. If you wanted to bear the cost alone, you should have informed him first before boarding the taxi.


The polite word to use here is; ''Can I drop you?''. What this means is that, no matter the area where the person is going, he should be dropped first and then you'll take care of the cost at your final drop off point. In addition, should a situation arise where a man and a woman are on board together, the man is supposed to open the door for her to enter first, except in a case where she is wearing an inconveniencing skirt that can prevent her while trying to slide to the back seat.